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BVT Brought Me Back - Melissa Pariseau

After becoming very sick after my second son was born in April 2015, it took me a year chasing answers. Down the rabbit hole of Lyme and cos. Western medicine continued to fail me.

I had fevers and a lot of nerve pain out of nowhere. My symptoms had no cause in the minds of doctors I saw. So short of telling me it was all in my head, instead I had tests and scans and painful physical therapy.

Finally, after a year of being sick, I demanded my doctor put me on doxycycline for 6 weeks and I got western blot testing as well as Igenix. These tests came up positive for Lyme, Bartonella, and mycoplasma. I was glad to actually have evidence, but sadly I felt no relief. The pain was all over my body, with severe nerve pain in my neck and arms. With joints popping, constant fevers and migraines, severe anxiety, malaise, hot flashes, insomnia, tinnitus, electric zaps, buzzing all over my body, sensitivity to EVERYTHING—my mind began to slowly deteriorate too. To put it lightly, I was miserable and felt hopeless. I tried herbal protocols, rife, and weird supplements that upset my stomach worse. The herbals helped ever so slightly but there was so much to take each day I couldn’t remember and I had two young boys and a small farm I was trying to keep going on top of everything!

Then, a friend in a Facebook group told me about ELLIE LOBEL and her story on how she healed herself from Lyme with BEE VENOM THERAPY. I was so scared to start the therapy so I began with dry venom injections through Wind Horse Naturopath Clinic in Brattleboro, VT in October 2016. Within a month, many of my symptoms were almost completely gone. I was sleeping more than 3 hours a day, finally! I switched to live bees because it was cheaper and I was told it would be more potent and effective. I was also able to do the stings myself in a mirror so it worked better with my schedule to not have to rely on anyone.

By 6 months in, most of my pain was gone and I was enrolling in college to finish my degree I had put on hold because I didn’t think my brain would ever work right again. By 1 year I didn’t just feel like I was killing the Lyme I felt like my body was actually healing! Almost 2 years into treatment I was 90% better. I had no pain, tons of energy, and I felt like I did before I got sick. Now, I have been sting-free for a year and a half and continue to feel great. My life is completely back to “normal”. I have all the energy I had before I got sick and my body keeps up with me as well. This is why I share my story.

There is no doubt in my mind or my family’s mind that I am here today because I have stung myself along my spine 3 times a week,10 bees each session, for 2 years. There is nothing comfortable or fun about this treatment. But it is mind-opening. It is groundbreaking, AND it has the potential to help thousands of people. I hope my story impacts at least one person reading this and can help them heal too.

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