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  • How to get started with Bee Venom Therapy
  • How to use the dream pod system
    The dream pod system allows you to put your bees to "sleep" before your sting session. The bees will gently go to sleep so you can use the tweezers to grasp the thorax of the honeybee. As the honeybee awakens you can then use it to sting.
  • How do I install a new CO2 cartridge?
    When installing anew CO2 cartridge, please make sure to align the CO2 perfectly with the CO2 dispenser. If it is not aligned it will not seal properly and it can damage the inner seal of the CO2 dispenser. Also hold away from the face in case of accidental release of CO2.
  • How do I order bees for BVT?
    Determine how many bees you will need each week. It is recommended you order 10 more bees than needed. If you are just started out- one mini pid should work (10 bees). Bees have an average life span of 42 days, so keep this in mind when ordering. The bees you get will be in their last two weeks of life. Weekly orders help maintain a constant supply of bees for your therapy. Set up out subscription for a weekly order of the quantity desired. You can change this as needed. Orders must be placed by Friday evening for shipping on the following Monday.
  • How do I feed my bees?
    Your bees need a tiny bit of honey and a tiny bit of water daily. The amount of each should be about the size of 1/2 a pea. Make sure not to do too much as the bees will get sticky and drown.
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