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All Orders Ship On Mondays

Order before midnight Saturday for Monday Shipping. 

If an order is placed after the cutoff time, it will ship the following week.  Please contact us if you need an emergency shipment.

Shipping Options Available
  • (USPS) United States Postal Service.

  • UPS Standard

  • UPS 2 Day

  • Overnight

Recommended Shipping
  • Within NC & SC - UPS Ground

  • Outside of NC and East Coast - UPS 2 Day or Overnight

  • Central US - UPS 2 Day or Overnight

  • Western US and cold climates - Overnight

Shipping Policy

All live bee shipments go our on Monday, unless there is a holiday. We are shipping live products, therefore we have no control once the bees leave our apiary.  However, we want you to receive your bees alive!! Here are some things we can do to ensure your bees have the best possible delivery outcome.

  • Contact your postmaster to ensure they know you will be receiving live bees

  • Speak with your delivery driver so they are aware of the needs of the bees during transport.

  • Have your bees shipped to a location that makes it possible to receive them as soon as they arrive. If you will not be available for delivery, have them held at the post office or delivered to a UPS store for safe handling.

  • ​Sign up for delivery notifications through Informed Delivery by the USPS - click here for the link

Anything below freezing and above 85 degrees makes it challenging to ship bees. Extreme weather can require faster shipping methods so please access your weather and adjust accordingly. Overnight and 2 -day shipping are recommended during extremely hot or cold weather occurences. Your bees should arrive within 2-4 days. We encourage you to have your bees shipped to a location that makes it possible to receive them as soon as they arrive. Letting them sit on the door step or in your mailbox will cause death in many cases. If your bees arrive during the 2-4 days and are received immediately and they are dead, please contact us immediately.  Any requests for new bees after the delivery day will not be accepted. Please email a video of your bees immediately upon delivery if they are dead. A tracking number will be included with your order to ensure you know where your bees are during transit.

For all other orders, shipping will still occur on Mondays of each week. Live bees cannot be shipped with any other product. This is to ensure the safe delivery of the bees.

Return & Exchange Policy

All live bee shipments are non-refundable, please contact the office if you have issues with the bees. We do not offer a refund for bees that arrive dead due to shipping issues, this needs to be addressed with the shipping outlet. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain the livelihood of bees once they arrive.


For all other purchases, you may return the product within 15 days if you are not satisfied. Please contact us to exchange your item.

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