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Bee Venom Therapy


Bee Venom Therapy

BVT is a self-administered treatment. Pollen Peddlers Apiary offers you convenient supplies and live therapy bees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Sign up for one of our subscriptions to ensure automated deliveries. 



Bee Venom can be used for many ailments. This website is for informational purposes only. It is recommended to seek the advice of a physician or an apitherapist for its proper use and application. Bee Venom Therapy is not FDA approved. This site is not intended to provide treatment, diagnosis, or medical advice. 

There are also multiple Facebook pages and websites with protocols for using Bee Venom Therapy (BVT). 
Below is a list of resources to learn more about BVT.


Pollen Peddlers therapy bees come in a mini-pod of 10 bees. When you order 30 bees, you get three mini-pods of 10, so each mini-pod is a complete treatment.

When ordering, please select the quantity you wish to purchase and the frequency with which you would like them delivered

Shipping Boxes

Shipping On Mondays

Order by Saturday before 5 pm EST for Monday shipping. If an order is placed after the cutoff time, it will ship the following week. Please contact us if you need an order shipped sooner.

Shipping options available: United States Postal Service (USPS). UPS Standard, 2 Day and Overnight.


Therapy Bee CO2 Dream Pod

The Therapy Bee CO2 Dream Pod lets you gently put the bees to sleep before selecting them for your therapy. Please watch the video for instructions on use.  

How to Start BVT Therapy with the Dream Pod

How-To Videos