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3 Years of BVT for Lyme - Bill Purdy

I contracted Lyme, Babesia, and Mycoplasma in 2013. CDC was positive on 5 bands. I caught it early and treated aggressively with antibiotics within 2 weeks of being bit.

I spent the next 3 years chronically ill and unable to live my life. Severe cognitive impairment, inability to drive a car, indescribable fatigue, air hunger and heart palpitations, leaky gut syndrome, severe neuropathy, bedridden most days. Oral and IV antibiotics, antifungals, antimalarial, and holistic approaches provided little relief. LLMDs and specialists could offer no remedy. I met Ellie Lobel at a local Lyme meeting in 2016 and she told her amazing story of Lyme and BVT. I asked her some very tough questions; I was dubious, but she was very credible. I asked my wife that evening if she would help me and commit to this 2-3 year protocol—she agreed. Nicole Mazzitelli showed us how to do it over FaceTime; I ordered bees the next day. I have completed the 3-year BVT protocol and continue to sting occasionally. There is no question it is saving my life. I don’t know if I will ever be cured 100%, but I am nearly 90% healed most days and BVT is an integral part of my life. This treatment works!

Watch My Lyme Journey With BVT

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